My Campaign Pledge to San Francisco

I am proud to live in San Francisco, where we have some of the strongest and most progressive campaign finance laws in the country. Voter turnout runs 20 points higher here than in the country at-large, thanks to our informed, passionate electorate. Unfortunately, Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United have undermined our democracy. 

With that in mind, I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure we, as a City, have the robust, issue-based dialogue about the future that we so vitally need. In particular:

I will run a responsible campaign.

  • I promise to campaign on the facts and the issues, to take clear and firm stands, and to make my positions and plans available in detail on my website, social media, and other free media.

  • I promise a respectful campaign - I pledge not to engage in, permit, or condone character defamation of other candidates or participate in invasions of personal privacy.

  • I promise I will not participate in the preparation or dissemination of paid political advertising or campaign materials that contain false information. In the event inadvertently false statements are made, I will announce immediate corrections.

  • I will denounce any actions taken to discourage voter turnout.

I will reject independent outside influences.

  • I promise to live by the spirit and letter of San Francisco’s Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance and follow voluntary spending limits under the law.

  • I will not solicit, accept, encourage or coordinate with any independent expenditure effort; and I will denounce any campaigns, independent or otherwise, that attack any candidates in this race.

I will manage my campaign team with integrity.

  • I promise to form opinions and policy based on the quality of arguments and the facts, not on influence of any third party.

  • I promise to maintain a campaign work environment that is free from harassment, sexual or otherwise.


London Breed
President, SF Board of Supervisors

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