To contribute by check please fill out this form and mail contributions to: PO Box 426813, San Francisco, CA 94142.

Contributions to London Breed for Mayor 2018 are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions, including contributions made by corporate credit card, are prohibited. Individuals and non-incorporated entities may contribute up to $500. Spouses and domestic partners may each contribute the maximum, even if their contributions are made from a joint account, but should submit separate contributions, each signed by the contributing spouse/partner. Related entities/persons (e.g., a non-incorporated business and its owner) are subject to a single, combined limit of $500. We may not deposit your payment without your name, street address (no PO boxes), occupation and employer, and may not accept cash, cashier’s checks or money orders of $100 or more. We also may not accept contributions from foreign nationals, unless they have permanent residency status in the US. Lobbyists who are registered to lobby the Board of Supervisors or the Mayor, or have been registered to do so within the prior 90 days, may not make or transmit any contributions to our campaign. In making this contribution, the contributor affirms that: (1) the contribution is made from the contributor’s own funds, and not from funds provided by another person for the purpose of making the contribution; and (2) that the contributor is not an owner, director, officer, or named sub-contractor of any entity that is currently negotiating a contract with the City and County of San Francisco and subject to the Board of Supervisors’ or Mayor’s approval, or of any entity that received such a contract within the last six months.